Mile Stone
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  A Scottish pub we've gone to since our grandfather's generation.      
At the usual time in the green expanses of Scotland's countryside, a steady parade of the usual patrons come together at the ivy-covered bar next to the village church. Already, some have been enjoying the football match. And in the corner, at the window overlooking the pasture, a small crowd of elderly Scots jovially join in conversation in anticipation of their grandchild's birthday. You can't help but be drawn into the merriment and share in a toast with the regulars before they return home for the party.

Whether it's to kick your feet up, or raise your glasses in a toast, we hope you will enjoy the mood that Mile Stone inspires.
Manager Chiba Yusuke
The Japanese ambassador for “The Glenlivet” in 2008 will show you the world of whiskey. (taken 06/25/2008, at the certification award ceremony in Scotland))   We would like to introduce to you the spiritual power of Usquebaugf, meaning the water of life, as an experience for each of your five senses.   We would like you to get to feel the history, feeling, passion, and view coming through “The Glenlivet”.
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