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prosciutto 1,500 yen
olives 1,000 yen
assorted cheese (full) 2,000 yen
         (half) 1,000 yen
beef jerky 2,000 yen
french fries (medium) 1,000 yen
            (large) 1,500 yen
assorted sausages 1,500 yen
homemade pickles 1,000 yen
assorted chocolate  1,000 yen
vegetable sticks  1,000 yen
green salad  1,500 yen

Spaghetti with garlic and red chili (Spaghetti, AglioOlio e Peperoncino)  1,500 yen
Spaghetti with hot tomato sauce (penne all'arrabbiata)  1,500 yen

Pizza with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil (pizza margherita)  1,500 yen
Cheese pizza  1,500 yen

french onion soup

tonkatsu sandwiches (breaded pork cutlet sandwiches)  2,000yen
  the most popular dish!
fish sandwiches (deep fried sea bream with tartar sauce)  2,000 yen

Wagyu (Japanese beef) rump steak (200g)  8,000 yen

Please ask your bartender about additional available dishes.

caviar (56g)  30,000 yen
      (28g)  15,000 yen
Sardines In Olive Oil  1,000 yen
assorted fruits  2,000 yen
mixed nuts  1,000 yen
carpaccio with fresh fish  2,000 yen

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